10 Signs that He is Playing Mind Games With You

How to Find a guy is Playing Mind Games - Silver Vampire

Ever dated a Guy that you sure hiding something from You?

He wasn't interested in pursuing a Relationship With You?

Let's Break down 10 Signs " A Guys is Playing Mind Games With You ".

So We all probably been in a situation where were dating someone one and it just feels off. you were into them but they are holding back and making you work for their time and affection.

In a Normal Or Exclusive Relationship, In the beginning, you feel great he feels great and things are just easy and you are naturally both coming to the conclusion that you both should be boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife.

Psychological Abuse Cycle - Silver Vampire

But, In Mind Games Included Relation, You left wondering and doubting and leave you feeling tired and unfulfilled.

Here are Ten Sign To Find Out A guy is Playing Mind Games With You today.

Let's Directly Jump Into it!

1. They Rarely Initiate Contact

When it Comes to Mind Games, They Usually Act Like One Foot In - One Foot Out during whole communication from Day Zero to Last Day you Have Communicate.

Simple if a Guy Who Likes you and wanted to see you or wants to Communicate with you.
So You Don't Need to fall into that trap of initiating the contact with him all the time.

No contact Psychological Trap

If he's is Serious About you, Then this Should Never Be a Problem. More You Initiating Contact from your side you'll be into their preplanned Trap!

2. Polarised Availability

Polarised Availaboty can be explained as:

Sometimes They are very available to you and you both spend quality time. You Felt Connected and the other time he seems to go away from the planet. you really can't communicate at All.

You literally don't know Where they go? What they do?

If that's going on There's Some kind of Game Going.

A Treu High-Quality man is going to stay connected. He's Going to want to make you feel that there the relationship is growing and he wouldn't Risk Potentially Losing that.

Guys, if you really facing this back and forth. then there is something going on a deeper level and you even don't know inside your Brain.

3. You Don't Know their Social Circle

If you have never met or Know their social circle whether friends, family, or the people they spend more time with.

If you never have a meeting with these people then you have to ask yourself.

A person can pretend to be anyone with you one-on-one they can play a Character of Being the Right Guy For You.

Unknown Social Circle Mind Games

But once you see them with people that they've known for an extended period. It becomes tough for them to act differently especially in front of you.

4. They Never Show You Their Cards

This is what most or all the psychological trappers do.

Never let you know their Secrets and Maintain Proper Privacy. Even you ask Them About themselves you'll never find anything from that side.

They are Better at keeping their Accessories i.e. Phones, Personal Computers Private.

Privacy Psychological Trap

This is because if they anything they'll make you surprise and indirectly force your mind to think about them more!

And you'll Actually Think More and Keep Moving into Quick Sands and Finally (..).

5. Not Willing for More Investment

If you're looking for a lifelong relationship Be Aware!

I believe a Relationship is like hiking a mountain. Either you'll be Climbing up or you're falling backward.

A right relationship with a high-quality real man where you both working towards a lifelong relationship where you both willing to connect to one another.

If they just fall off the earth and you cant reach them. Really ask yourself a Question "Is this guy Really Mean it? "

no investment Psychological trap mind games

And open your eyes to see Where your Relationship moving to?

A Trap For Lifetime Or A Two-Way Street

6. Silent Treatment

This is the most common sign they Show to you.

You Both Meet a Fight(As other Real Relationships) they Won't say Sorry. Even all of his faults he won't say sorry, Just Silent!

And Now you keep Wondering, Why he isn't Responding? Can I say sorry? Why He is So Silent?

What all this happening, You keep moving straight into their preplanned and preinstalled Traps.

7. They Will Show Minimal Efforts

They will easily shut down the conversation and never put effort to be with you and spend some quality time with You.

Putting Effort means going out of his way to be with you. But these psychological trappers even not ready to reply at the same time.

How does this Influence? Simple Answer is that when Someone is not Showing Interest in Girls. Girls Start Showing Interest in them ( Dark Side of Women Psychology).

Dark SIde of Women Psychology-SIlver Vampire

Around Everyone Have seen this Scene from Movie "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum". And that's Reality or Can Say Sad Reality

8. No Compromise Ever !!

Not a Single Relationship Exist Without Compromise in this World

If hell never compromises for you on anything. you'll probably end up doing everything that he wants.

If you see this become regular in your relationship then it's time to have a chat with them.

Every Healthy Relationship involves a lot of Compromises between two of you its a two-way street.

9. Their Insecurities will become Yours

He will act Insecure and they'll want to know how much guys you were with before.

And they self acted like they have been with inflating the number of girls before. and indirectly make you insecure.

What they Actually Trying to Do Something to plant the seed in your head that they must be hiding something and you should be more worried about them.

The more you think about them. the easier for them to trap you.

10. "I Have Options Game": Calls you the "Lucky Girl"

They will Call you the lucky girl.

Lucky Girl Psychological trap

This is the indirect way of imposing their Alpha Male Status on you.

This shows their mentality and having low self-esteem or they just trying to convince them. that they are men and they actually have options. And you're a Trapped Girl so you can't go anywhere else if not with him.

Weird !!

The truth is if there exists a real connected relationship should never feel like options.

Bottom Line

Love is not a Psychological Trap.

Don't make yourself fall into a black hole of these Mind Games. These Mind Games Tricks are Super Strong. Don't Overthink else you'll be in these traps Forever.

If You Facing These Sign Comment " I Will Surely Come out of these Trap Soon" below. I'll Post How to Fight Against Mind Games in our Next Post.

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