What are Psychological Traps and How To Identify Mind Games

Love vs Psychological Traps
Love Vs Psychological Trap

The difference isn't as easy as it sounds.

You have been spending the whole life-giving your best to make a relationship perfection.

Next, you put Efforts to Make it Successful and Bond Stronger.

But You can't decide what the other person wants.

And that's a problem. You Need That Love.

You Need to Know the Differences between these Thing exists!

Let's Start Digging Down.

Here are Various Helpful Content With(PROOFS!!) to Correct Things Happening in Your Life Today.

What Are The Psychological Traps?

The Darker Side of Psychology

Psychological Traps(Or Mind Games) are Some Super Secret and Powerful Tricks to Get Someone Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically. These Traps or Games are Generally Created by Devils.

Psychological Traps are Used to Enslave the opposite Gender Mostly Women of the Society.

Women have a flaw embedded deep inside their minds which makes them vulnerable to men who know how to exploit that flaw by these Psychological Traps.

Curiosity killed the Cat - Everyone Who is Curious to Know About Thing will get into These Trap Easily. 
These Mind games or Psychological Games Uses IRAE Model: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement.

How To Identify Psychological Slavement?

How to identify Psychological Trap - Silver Vampire

Do There Exist Someone in Your Life, Whom You Never Meet Live?
Do There Exist Someone Who Regulates And Control Communication?
Do You Have Someone Usuallaly Becomes Unavailable At Peak of Your Conversation?
Someone, Who Never share things with you and You Share with them?
Do Someone in your Friend-zone Usually Discuss things you like the Most?
Someone in Your Friendzone keeps Fighting And Insulting You?
Someone, Who Consistently Become Unavailable during Communications?
Do you Want to Know about them when they become Unavailable?

If the answer Of Any Question is YES!
Trust me, You're heading towards a Psychological Trap! 
Either of Level 1 or Level 100
Know More About How to Identify They Playing Mind Games With You!

How We Get Trapped in Mind Games?

Let's Have a Look at Image Explaining the Process of how we usually get trapped in Psychological ( Mind Games) :

How We Get Trapped in Mind Games- Silver Vampire

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Exactly, You Get This Right!

These Psychological Games are Usually Follows Similiar Algorithms(Ways). 

1. Basic Introduction 

Usually, We are created to be defensive when a stranger approaches Us. Therefore, They Intrigue(Plan) a Super Opener to introduce themselves to you. They Will caught your interest and keeps you busy talking to them.

2. Becomes Your Friend

After they Successfully get your attention. Now they are leading the communication and you're just simply responding. They Exploit into your Minds and take out all the stuff there without Telling more about themselves. And become part of your Friendzone.

3. Create Attraction

Now, They successfully become the part of your Friendzone they Start Attracting You. And, For Sure you'll felt that attraction and also attracted to them. Because the things he used to attract you are the stuff that They get from your BRAIN without letting you know the intentions of them. 

4. Lower Your Self-Esteem 

Everything till now is going according to their Intrigue(Plan). Now they try to lower your Self-Esteem. Keep Fighting with You and Insults badly. Now you think that I'm Crazy But they are doing this to Keeping your MIND Hot and Apolozising at the End.

5. Consistently Inconsistent

In this Step, They Usually become inconsistent with further communications and let you think about them even More and More. Because this is the exploit of our mind that we usually put More Focus on Things we aren't getting in Our Life.

Believe It or Not, You're Now Slaves to them. because they leading communication they Hit your self-esteem. And They also Regulating Your Mindsets and Moods throughout Your Day. And Youll Keep Losing Your Real Identity.

Differences Between Love And Psychological Slavement

The Basic And the Major Difference between Love and Psychological Slavements is :

Love vs Psychological Trap - Silver Vampire

Love is a matter of Soul and Heart! Right?

And These Psychological Games are only Exists in the Brain.

Are Psychological games are Permanent?

Genuine Speaking, All These Psychological Mind Games and Enslavement are Permanent. Until You Find out that you're in a Psychological Traps. 

And You know that's the Toughest. Because If you're in a Psychological Trap or Being Enslaved to Some Other Person. 

Who will go to make you realize that you're in a Trap?

Even if Someone Told You about all these things. You Won't Believe on them Easily. 

Don't forget these are Mind Games and Your Mind is now House of Negativity and Buried Under Layers which don't allow you to trust the fact that you're Enslaved.

That's Why These Psychological Games are Usually Permanent.

Love Vs Mind Games Which is Stronger?

Usually, We Believe that Love is the Strongest of all! That's True Indeed.

But Tell Me the Most Powerful in Body?
Heart Or Brain!!

Answers Maybe Different From Peoples Prospects. But Both Heart and Brain Usually Having Similiar Powers. " Neither Heart can stop Your Brain Nor Your Brain Can Stops Your Heart "

But Even We have seen the Equals Winning or Lossing in a Match.

Love is the Strongest. Read More About Love Here!

Can We Get Trapped Even We are in Love?

Layers of Negativity on Love - Silver Vampire
Layers Inside Us After Being a Psychological Slave

So, We know that Love is the most powerful. But it's also true that the Winner is not always Stronger! 

Yes, We Can Get Trapped in Mind Games Even if We are in a Happy and a Love Relationship.


Nothing in the Universe is Perfect other than GOD itself. 
So, Not the Relationships are Perfect. 
Hence, Moments Comes in Relationships When things become hard to Manage. 

Emotions like Anger and Frustrations Weaken the Mind and it becomes more Vulnerable to these Psychological Tricks and People Deattached Even they Both Carry the Most Special Connection But that also Shaken by These tricks Played by Someone sitting Far.

There Exist Someone Whom You show Your Vulnerabilities,  plant ideas in Your mind. They will be the puppet master pulling your strings and you won't even know it.

How to Break Your Mind Games Bars?

There Exist Several Ways to get out of this Trap!

But the First step is Always is Accepting the Fact you Are in a Psychological Trap!. Anyone Carrying the Curious Mind Will gets into it. This is the Dark Side of Human Psychology, People Using For Their Own Profits.

And Second Step is Find Your Real Self Again. You Have Lost by being someone Puppet!

Wake Up Else You'll Keep Losing Your Real Identity.

Having a Curious Mind is Not Bad. 

But Trusting a Wrong Person Instead of a Right Person is Bad.

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  3. Hope This will Help Many Persons Out there!

  4. If Love is Real, We Will Never Get Trap in these kind of Games
    Nice Blog, Worth Reading

    1. Ever seen a tree covered with delicious fruits and stronger enough that he faces many storms but still a Few Centimetres long Iron Blade Cut it apart.
      Love is a matter of Souls but Mind controls the body and These things traps your Mind.

  5. Nice Effort in writing but it won't help those who already being in such a trap. They were never willing to understand these things because these traps our minds and thinking process and these things look like Love to them. Ever Heard about Brahmastra/ Ram Baan in Hindu mythology which used to be the Most Powerful and Irresistible Weapons these Traps are like that. I Being in such a Trap for 3 years and End up finding other Girl as his Wife already. Then, someday I found some youtube Video And Realise that he was playing with me, not in love with me.
    I Still Use to Read about these things because I Never want to get Trapped Again.

    1. You're really a brave girl Niharika I understand your prospects. No matter if we can't save those who already being in a trap but at least those who are vulnerable and not yet in this trap will get any help.

      Thank You for Sharing your Thought this will surely help some. Respect++

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