Ways To Train Your Mind To Be More Positive In Chaotic 2020

Is 2020 is Chaotic?

Yes!!! 2020 is a Chaotic, Pain and Pandemic is Spreading Everywhere.

But, What makes it even worse then it is?

Our Brain and Our Vision, Of course. The Most People tends to focus on Problems and Pain, and What they don't know is that Whatever We choose to Focus on,

It Expands!! And Make the Situation Even Worse.

Dark Room with Minimal Light
Dark Room With Minimal Lights

Have Ever been in a Dark Room? What happens When Our Eyes try Finding Light? Light Expands!!

So, I'll be Going to tell you what Methods I used to Train my Mind To Be More Positive In Chaotic Year 2020.

Make Sure to implement this Strategy Next Time.

Let's Dig Deep Into it.

My Personal Experience

This is the technique that can save you and help to overcome all the negativity in your surroundings.

I know When I was going through deep depression sometime back, It was tough because of the Way I was Thinking. Everything happens in life for a reason this thing is very hard to accept. Maybe Some of you going through your lowest peaks of life and going through the toughest time.

Usually, When a problem comes into our life We Focus on the Problem that

Why this happening in my life?

Problem Facing Mindset
How? Who? Why? Mindset

The Moment we Focus on this, It starts Expanding and our problem increases.

When I face something big in my life. before that phase, everything was on track and I was raising continuously. But going along the path I found a Big Rock in my way. that was unexpected like where did this thing show up. Most of the People even myself was Asking Questions (focusing more on the Problem).

I was Asking Who Put this Rock Here? this Should not be here!

X did it was you who put this Rock here? Did Y was it you?

All was that I was trying to find out the origin of my problems. Resulting in making Problems even Worst to be Handeled and I was under that Rock Completely. I can't move any of my hands nothing just the pressure of rock keep crushing me under it.

But the moment I focus on the way of coming out from these problems. The Ways of Dealing with that Problem Expands and I found many ways.

All I want to say is simple Don't Question How? and Why? Just Look at the other Ways to Continuously Moving Forward.

Find Solution of Every Problem
Finding a Solution of Every Problem

If you are in such situations with your partner and keep asking things then that will keep increasing. And you won't come out of the situation. If they can't Find a Way You Find, Come Out of that Negativity and Pull them After You.

Brendon Burchard's WID

Now, According to the WID framework of the world's Best Motivational Speaker Brendon Burchard, What Makes our Mind to think Negative is Relative Weight of Importance and Duration People gives to the negative recurring things/thoughts in their Life is High.

This is the Actual Reason Why all the negative thoughts Recurring in our Mind. Because it set in our mindset by Contunusely Repetitions and Importance we give to them. Your Mind becomes Obsessed and keeps Putting things back even Without your Control Automatically.

Brendon Burchard Mind Reprogramming Framework
Brendon Burchard Mind Reprogramming Framework

He also provides a way to Reprogram our Minds by the Same WID FrameWork. All we need to do is simply replace the negative thoughts we have, with the positive ones and give them the same Relative Weight, Importance, and Duration. We were giving to the Negative Ones Previously.

Alison Ledgerwood's Social Cognition

According to Alison Ledgerwood, She Found Many Result of Social Cognition that Our Mind is Designed to Focus More on Negative Side.

In one of the studies to find which sticks more in the human mind. She performs various Experiments with Two groups of Similiar Peoples.

In one of the Experiments, She told participants about a surgical procedure, and randomly assign them conditions, For First Group She describes a surgical procedure in terms of gains. She said it has a 70% success rate. And For Second Group, She describes the process in terms of loose, she said it has a 30% failure rate. So, that Was an Exact Same procedure.

Alison Ledgerwood Social Experiments
Social Cognition Experimmets by Alison Ledgerwood

Perhaps Unsurprisingly, People of first Group Like that Particular Process. while the Second Group doesn't like it. Now, she Introduces a Twist and Let First Group Think about the 30% Failure Rate. While Second Group about the 70% Success Rate.

Now, The First Group doesn't like the procedure they change their initial opinion. But unlike the First Group, the Second Group struck their Initial Opinion and they don't like that particular Procedure. Because the Negativity seemed to stuck in their mind from initial loss.

She after many Similiar Experiments Said, "Our mind Maybe built to Look for Negative Information And hold on to it, but we can also retrain our mind if we put some effort into it and start to the gain may be little more than we initially thought.

Overcome Future Fears

Do you know what will be going to happen in the Future?

Absolutely Not! Then Why you're wasting your most of the time thinking about it?

Once, there was a Man Upset while thinking about the future. he sees his House Maid washing dishes and singing her favorite song. So, the man asked that lady why are you soo calm and relaxed while you washing dishes every day? Don't you Think about your future?

Future Mind Perception
Hope of Future

Now, that Maid said that I'm washing dishes for 18 years Every day. I have never think about the future that How many dishes I have to Wash Tomorrow or the Day after Tomorrow. That's the reason I'm Happy in Present.

Let Convert this into a Mathematical Problem and assume that she washes 10 dishes Every Everyday For 18 years. If she thinks About how many dishes she has to wash in the future 18 years ago. Then the Count of Dishes will be 65700. And this number of dishes can put anybody in trouble.

Thinking about something that hasn't happened yet is inappropriate. Don't Waste Your Energy.

Take Away

Whenever you got an Automatic Negative thought. Take it and replace it with three blessings you have in that situation. Even the Darkest places have light all we need is to see that and replace.

What is Light? Just Radiation.

So, Do you know that Even the Darkest Place a Black Hole also Radiate Hawking Radiations? Yes, Blackhole also Radiates Hawking Radiation.

Be a Person with Positive Thinking and Be a Person with Positive Action, and one day you'll wake up and feel better Automatically. Training the negative mind is as tough as teaching a child who doesn't want to Study. The first step is changing your Perception to remove negativity from your mind. Second Step Will be your positive action who guides your mind.

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